Better Campaigns

Two components of building a better campaign are marketing yourself/your brand and marketing the property itself. Your clients are likely to remember you with a personal touch to your branding strategy, and vice versa with a creative touch to the presentation of the property. 

Personal Branding

  • Be Present, Be Seen
    With the rise of social media, it's important to maintain a strong presence on and offline.
    - Create a sleek website with a strong biography, headshot, and testimonials. 
    - Use Facebook, Twitter, and more to reach an even wider audience (visit our Best Practices in Social Media article for more!)

  • Define Yourself
    What sets you apart from other real estate agents? Why should clients approach you and work with you to the end?
    -  Have a niche. Develop cliental based on neighborhood, property type, etc.

  • Know the Community
    Make an effort to know your community, and they will make an effort to know you.
    - Real estate is all about relationship building. 
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