Action Plans

The process of turning leads into clients ebbs and flows. You will find yourself with an abundance of leads at certain times, but there will also be an inevitable off-season in which you will need a solid plan of action (that can be used during both the busiest and slowest times) to ensure you make the best impression, and turn that client into a lead!

Here are a few tips to bring your action plan to the next level!

- Cover all of your bases on day 1
Responding to your lead as quickly as possible from the initial period proves you're invested, while keeping them engaged. 

  • Make an introductory phone call to your lead and answer the questions they initially requested. 
  • Determine your client's preferred method of contact. With today's technology, many prefer the convenience of a text message or e-mail over a voicemail.
  • Send an e-mail after leaving a voicemail. Nowadays, people tend to check e-mail much more frequently than voicemail. It gives you the opportunity to reiterate and summarize what was discussed on the phone. 
  • Provide resources in your e-mail whether or not your lead requested them specifically. Offering a wealth of information right off the bat furthers your value.

- Continue the communication
After the first line of communication, give your lead a full 24 hours to digest all of the information you provided. Then, revisit the initial phone call and followup with more material.

  • Ask your lead if they have any thoughts or additional questions about the information you gave them on day one.
  • Write a friendly text reminder, but avoid inundating their inbox with voicemails (especially if they have not called you yet).
  • Send an e-mail with a 3-5 listings that are very specific to the criteria your client expressed interest in from the beginning.

- Add a personal touch
Talking on the phone is certainly more welcoming and hospitable than e-mail or text message, but your clients will appreciate you taking it to the next level. 

  • Mail a handwritten postcard in the mail reinforcing your interest and commitment. This reminds your client you're more than an internet presence.
  • Reach out to your client on social media (add them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, etc). For more on using social media to work with leads click here.

- Create custom reports
It is important to invite your clients to look at "big picture" when buying or selling. Provide resources particular to their endeavor that will be helpful.

  • Send a report with market data by zip code. 
  • Offer an analysis of the reports for the clients.

- Create an e-mail nurturing campaign 
Putting your clients an ongoing drip e-mail let's you followup with them consistently and automatically. 

  • Check out or article on effective drip campaigns here!
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