Converting Leads

You're working with a client. You're getting down to brass tacks. It's time to make sure you convert that lead.

At this point, it's crucial to maintain a balance in which you give the client what they want, but also make a lucrative deal for yourself. Here are top ten ways to convert leads into a successful deal!

  • Follow Up - There is a fine line between staying in touch and harassing clients. However, it's important to followup via phone and e-mail. 

  • Quick Response - Responding as quickly as possible after receiving a message from a client is a great way to show them you're totally dedicated to helping them. A five-minute response time is ideal. If you need to hire someone who can take care of immediate responses, it's a necessary investment. 

  • Involvement - From day one, make sure you clearly establish involvement with your client. This means contacting them via e-mail, calling them, and perhaps reaching out on social media (ie: adding them on Facebook). Reach out each day in a different way.

  • Invite Questions - When you're responding to a client's questions, deliberately leave out certain answers, or answer in a way that invites further questions or clarification. This will create additional lines of communication keeping everyone up-to-date and invested. 

  • Evaluate - Understand your lead's goal from the beginning. By asking questions about your lead's budget, needs, etc. right off the bat, you can evaluate how to move forward with them.

  • Have a Plan - Before contacting potential leads, make sure you have a concise plan of action. This means having an engaging website, easily accessible contact information, and a thorough plan to move forward with a lead after they show interest.

  • Consistency - After the initial followup period with a client, make sure you stay in contact consistently. This means checking in through different mediums (phone, email, social media) with your client after each correspondence.

  • Close More Transactions - The more deals you close, the more likely you are to attract new clients and generate leads. Potential leads will be drawn to consistent closures and good results. 
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