Social Media

With the rise of social media in the professional sphere it's both advantageous and crucial to utilize social media to build a strong base to generate more leads.

  • Get Setup - First thing's first! Create a Facebook page and Twitter handle specific to your real estate practice. Social media is where most people get their 'daily news', and you're more likely to reach an audience through these mediums.

  • Take Advantage of the Features - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, may seem like a lot of platforms to keep track of, but they all provide different tools to engage with clients. 

  • Engage With Your Community - Interact with other businesses and individuals throughout your community. "Like" their pages, share and retweet relevant posts, and start conversation.  

  • Reach Out to Your Clients - Posting a message on your client's page or making an announcement (such as "congratulations on the new home!") on your page. It shows a strong degree of care and appreciation for clients.

  • Boost Your Posts - Allowing part of your budget to be used for boosting Facebook posts is an easy and effective way to promote your content and invite more leads. You can choose individual posts, your audience, and your budget.

  • Carefully Choose Imagery - Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are built on visuals. Vibrant images of beautiful homes, landscapes, etc. will pop out on user's feeds and invite them to explore your page.

  • Be Concise - People scroll through social media quickly, so it's important to say as much as you can in as few words as possible to retain attention (hence Twitter's 140 character limit). Long form should be saved for blog posts.
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